About us

TEACH School Mission

The East New York Arts and Civics High School believes in preparing students for the responsibility of being a positive influence in their communities. T.E.A.C.H students will develop an insatiable appetite for learning, empathy for their fellow man, and the courage necessary to create the change they would like to see in society.

TEACH School Vision

All students will graduate within 4 years with a documented post-secondary plan, demonstrating they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to enter college, begin a career, and contribute positive outcomes to their community.


  • ALL students will demonstrate commitment to their academic success as a student.

  • This is evidenced in school by students maintaining a minimum of 90 attendance rate or higher for the school year.

  • *The wolf is deathly COMMITTED to its pack. At times a wolf will sacrifice itself before it allows a member in its pack to be harmed.


  • ALL students will develop the skills of effective communication, so desired outcomes are reached regardless of situations or circumstances.

  • This is evidenced in school by students reading, writing, and speaking effectively and appropriately consistently.

  • *The wolf has one of the most unique forms of COMMUNICATION. A lone wolf howls to attract the attention of its pack, while communal howls may send territorial messages from one pack to another. Some wolf howls are confrontational. There are various forms of communication.


  • ALL students will acquire the skills to collaborate effectively in academic and social settings.

  • This is evidenced in school by students effectively collaborating academically in the classroom and socially outside of the classroom.

  • *Wolves are all about COLLABORATION. They hunt in packs. They work together to kill their prey.


  • ALL students will implement acquired skills and knowledge to create positive life experiences for themselves and their community.

  • This is evidenced in school by students being on track to graduate at all times and graduating high school in 4 years with a detailed college and career plan.